Adult Holiday Booking System

Once you decide on a vacation the process is very easy. Just use the contact form, tell us the date of the vacation and we will verify that a room is available. You should then pay a deposit and book flights to our airport which is Santo Domingo AILA - Aeroporte Internacional de Las Americas (Code: SDQ) and send us your flight information. We will prepare a tentative vacation folio and send it to you by email.

Please verify that a room is available as close as possible to the time you book your flights. Within 2 -3 days is fine.

Flights and Folios

The tentative vacation folio is written confirmation of we understand about your vacation and it verifies in writing the statements we have made about the costs of your vacation. We ask for a deposit and complete flight information so that we can verify booth your arrival and departures flights.

We will accept payment of the deposit by Bank to Bank wire transfer. All final payments are made in person at our adult vacation resort.

When the deposit payment has been received we will prepare the final vacation folio as a receipt for the amount paid. In addition we will provide vacation landing instructions.

Deposit Policy

Once paid a deposit is not refundable. If you provide 72 hours notice of your inability to make your flights, we will keep the deposit for a vacation that is booked within 12 Months and taken with 15 months of the original vacation date. A guest who fails to arrive as agreed without notice will forfeit the vacation and the deposit.

During the flight the cabin crew will give you two forms. A migracion form and a customs form. The destination is the Hotel Astoria Boca Chica or just Santo Domingo. (Both Statements are in fact true)

Customs expects that a tourist will have "Nothing to Declare". When you get off the plane go immediately to immigration hall and buy your Tourist Card ($10 US).

Have $10 US ready because they may not have change.

Go to "Nothing to Declare" line.

The Policia Nacional are our friends. Policia Nacional officers will have a mobile phone. If you miss us ask him to call us on the phone for you. Our contact information is on the landing procedure PDF you were sent by email.